services @ Ryan


I am currently open for work, either short contracts or large projects, as well as more long term employment agreements. I can work on a variety of platforms and technology stacks with some of my experience including:

  • Server scripts and apps (php,perl,python,ruby,c++.. you name it)
  • Interactive frontends (javascript+ajax or flash/flex)
  • Full website frameworks (powerful server backend, templated design, easy management panel)
  • Plugins for most popular apps (wordpress,phpbb,joomla)
  • Complete Linux server administration and hosting (keeping your website up stress-free)
  • Many other options, just name it (mobile,gaming,desktop etc)

Need a website? Want to upgrade your old one?

Websites are now an irrefutable requirement for just about any business. What your site says about your company is often the first impression a potential customer will see, and we are here to make sure you can show them what you are all about.

We will work with any size business to figure out what matches your needs and your budget, and work to provide you the best possible quality for the dollar.

For a fully worry-free package, we can handle every technical detail required in setting up a new site, including registration, hosting, and administration on an ongoing basis. Every full website includes a secure management panel to keep the site updated for your convenience.