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Ryan Guthrie
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Relevant Experience

Possesses over ten years experience in the different aspects of programming, web development and system administration.
During that time I have developed scripts and applications using a number of different languages, including C++, Go, Python, Perl, PHP and C# for both web-based and desktop systems.
I have developed several 2D and 3D games as well as UI tools and Mobile Apps in Flash and HTML5/jQuery as well.

Experience as a Linux System Administrator has given an especially strong understanding of web servers, LAMP environments and the underlying networking systems.

I enjoy always learning new technologies and systems and figuring what is the best approach for each new problem.

Technical Skills

  • Javascript/jQuery
  • Flash/Flex
  • Linux Admin
  • Apache 1.x + 2.x
  • MySQL,MongoDB,Oracle,SQLite,AppEngine
  • Perl/PHP/Python
  • C++,C#,Java,Go
  • Redis,Memcached
  • Unity,WebGL,UDK

Experience Highlights

Senior Software Architect (January 2013-Present)
Paybook -
  • Primary developer of account aggregation framework to handle linking to variety of banks and services and formatting received data
  • Various development on api backend such as implementing oauth for third party developers, analytics, administrative functions for logging and managing aggregation framework, multilingual translations for site and api text
  • Worked on website frontend components in Javascript using jQuery,D3 and Angular for tasks such as creating analytical charts, linking to bank accounts, transactions and more.

Freelance Development (2008-Present)
  • Developed a variety of applications and scripts, often from planning to deployment
  • Heavy focus on web interfaces and technologies, using MySQL + PHP/Perl + Javascript with YUI, Prototype or jQuery
  • Frequent development with Flash with game libraries like Flixel,FlashPunk and Away3D engine
  • Example projects include:
    • social network for local communities
    • call center tracking software
    • Flash real estate developers app for web/iPhone/iPad
    • Javascript data visualizations
    • phpbb mod with a custom chatroom
    • image gallery + photo manipulation
    • automatic forum backups
    • rss news scrapers
    • web spider with custom header spoofing and http authentication
    • graphing and report tools integrated with wordpress

Programmer (April 2008-March 2009)
New World Brands Inc. -
  • Developed internal tools and monitoring software for an international VoIP network, often responsible for full development lifecycle
  • Responsible for documentation and instruction on using custom tools
  • Example projects include: Automated phone recharging system, web framework including flexible role based authentication, seperate client logins, jViz based network monitoring interface, several reporting tools including email and excel integration, company wide cost/revenue tracking

Linux System Administrator (October 2005 - February 2008)
TouchSupport LLC -
Provided top level admin services for a large number of Linux based webservers. Responsible for all aspects including security hardening, system upgrades and performance tuning. On-site management of first and second level helpdesk technicians. Top level contact during night shifts for clients.